Wednesday, June 6, 2007




Gotta get me some lobstah.

With some buttah.

I'm gonna call Tim and see if he wants to fly out to Bah Hahbah this weekend.

'N get some lobstah.

Ah, crap. I can't go. WWDC is next week. I have to be here to say "Hi, Steve!"

But I am so not going to Red Lobster. Nuh-uh. No way. Not after that debacle the last time.

If only I had some sort of hand-held device I could use to find a good seafood place close to me...


Jahadeem said...

Aye Fake Phil,
Have you tried the steamed lobstah tails at Outback Steakhouse. They're pretty good.

alan said...

Hey Fake Phil,

I've heard Pacific Catch is a good one too...

Step said...

Fakester, you're on a roll! 4 posts in one day - can't wait to see if you keep up that pace. Yeah right...