Sunday, June 10, 2007

Big morning tomorrow!

I am so stoked about tomorrow!

I'm having pancakes!

I'm not sure what I've got on for the rest of the day. Better check my calendar.


Oh, crap. Do I have lines? Was I supposed to memorize some lines?

Oh, well. I'll just wing it. I know the material. New Finder. New interface theme. Time Machine. ZFS. Not a problem.

Plus... pancakes! I'll already be in a good mood.


Hopscotch said...

Holly Crap Phil Schiller you are my idol! Can I have pancakes with you?

Don said...

Phil, what was with the bright orange shirt at WWDC, dude?

Not Paul said...

Are they lobstah pancakes? That's we eat in Boston.

Anonymous said...

I thought we ate chowdah pancakes here in Bahstun!